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Our collision (auto body) repair is designed to get your car to pre-accident condition and safety. At Turner's Body Shop Inc we specialize in body, paint, mechanical and frame work for all makes and models, and have Precision Auto Detail Service on site. We also have the only down draft paint booth with Spraybake bake cycle in the area.

As of July 2013, we started using Onyx HD waterborne paint, purchased a resistance spot welder (this piece of equipment evaluates the effectiveness of our welds and speeds up welding times), and 2 infra-red catalytic paint curing lights to speed up cycle time (cures primer in 6 minutes).

SprayBrake Spray Booth Inside Turner's Body Shop Inc in Luray, VA

Auto Body & Collision Work

Even if your vehicle is still under warranty, we can handle the collision repairs you need. In fact, whereas some dealerships might have an auto body facility, they mainly specialize in car sales. Inside the Turner's Body Shop Inc Paint BoothWe, on the other hand, specialize in auto body work. We constantly keep our technicians trained on every aspect of body work, and with over 35 years of combined experience, you can be certain your vehicle is in the hands of professionals.

A correctly done collision repair brings the car to the same specifications in look and safety that it had when it was originally built.

An accident will distort the shape of the car, so we start by giving the vehicle a thorough teardown and blueprint for repair when we recieve it at the shop. This avoids costly delays at the end of the job with missed parts, additional repair time, and paint match issues.

Damaged Car Brought To Turner's Body Shop Inc Hood & Damaged Part Removal, Turner's Body Shop Inc
Fender/Bumper Replacement & Alignement, Turner's Body Shop Inc Paint Coat Application, Turner's Body Shop Inc
Turner's Body Shop Inc Final Product After Paint & Repairs

Caring For The Environment

At Turner's Body Shop Inc, all unusable cardboard is picked up by a local recycling company. It is a small impact on the environment, but we like to do our part!