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Customer Reviews & Stories

"I have always been impressed with the treatment I've received at Turner's. The people are friendly, and the work is first class."

- William Dickson

"I have always been extremely happy with your work, and will continue to do business with you. Thanks."

- Brenda Litefish

"Was extremely satisfied with the timeliness and quality of the repair work. More importantly were the courtesy and respect that were shown to me as a person. Thanks!"

- Lewis Story

"Excellent job! I will definitely return when body work is required again. Thanks for making my car beautiful again!"

- Anonymous

"Absolutely the most courteous, timely shop I've ever dealt with!"

- Anonymous

"Everyone was so helpful and nice. Thanks a bunch. My car was cleaner than it's ever been when it left your shop!"

- Anonymous

"Nice, friendly people. We were very satisfied and thought the goodie bag with fresh bread was a nice touch. Keep up the good work!"

- Anonymous

"Excellent repair experience."

- Anonymous